Tuesday, July 17, 2007

CFI Movie Night

CFI sponsored a screening of Jonathan Miller's excellent documentary A Brief History of Disbelief last Friday. It is finally being broadcast on the local PBS station channel 13 WNET. It was good to see it with fellow infidels, but the after viewing discussion kind of fell flat mostly due to the layout of the room. Most of the atheist cats quickly skedaddled.

One person passed me some odd documents for some kind of organization. I have no idea what the documents say because every time I try to read a paragraph my brain shuts down. Of course they have a web site, so you can see for yourself. (The animated GIFs tell you it's a real classy operation!) If I had known how bizarre the papers were upon receipt I would have quizzed the person in more detail.

The 2nd and 3rd parts of Miller's documentary will be shown the next two Sundays on Ch. 13.


B said...

"While the cosmic currents showering our planet develop the conscious human being in a positive way, unfortunately they affect negatively some consciousnesses that have not yet been able to complete their evolution properly. For this reason at the moment, while our world is exhibiting a tableau where good and evil live together, it is also experiencing its Last Judgment.

In no other period, our World has ever longed for Peace and Friendship as much as it has in this last age. The human being, who has attained consciousness"

I say avoid them. Did you read the above quotes from their web-site?
"not been able to complete their evolution properly"

Um- aren't we all simultaneously an end form and a transitional form re: evolution? Or did i get that confused?

"The human being, who has attained consciousness"

Doesn't that imply no other species has attained conciousness? So what about male Chimpanzees of tribe A who systematically track down and kill the male Chimpanzees of tribe B? They're not concious of what they're doing- it's all just a giant random coincidence.

I say run away if they ever come up to you again...

that atheist guy said...

Wow, you got a lot further than I did. Once I hit some phrase that makes no sense (like "cosmic currents") I can hardly go on. This stuff is truly painful to read.

The person who passed it to me didn't seem insane which is why I regret not asking more questions.

B said...

Did you read this bit:

"The Golden Age will shed light to us in the morrows in the direction of SINGLE GOD - SINGLE ORDER - SINGLE SYSTEM and SINGLE BOOK and is the heraldry of a medium in which happy people will live in the Totality of a brotherly/sisterly World Totality. However, there are many Thresholds that our Planet will transcend until the yearned for Golden Age is arrived at. 3 Cosmic Ages have been recognized for this preparation period of the Golden Age. ( One Cosmic Age comprises one century )"

If they believe in a SINGLE god, what were they doing at an atheist event?

I don't ever read a whole paper by them, I just randomly pick a part and find the logical fallacies. It's kind of fun...